Places of Interest

There are many places of interest in Candia. Here are a few of our favorites.

A special thanks to Jon Ekroth for creating these maps!

Candia Conservation Land - Map ImageView a map of Candia's Conservation Land. There are more detailed maps of some of the town-owned parcels below.

Kinnicum PondKinnicum Pond

Kinnicum Pond is one of Candia's most sensitive areas. Known as a peat bog, it includes the headwaters of Moose Meadows. It contains some specialized plant species. This parcel is in one of the few remaining large unfragmented blocks in Candia and the town Open Space Plan recommends it for protection. Access in warm weather is from the south, but visitors need to be VERY careful to stand on the plywood pieces located there, or they will sink in!

Heron RookeryHeron Rookery

The Heron Rookery is another sensitive area in Candia. It's proximity to paved roads and increasing development makes it vulnerable to extinction. The rookery sits on the edge of a large unfragmented block, which also contains the town forest and Kinnicum Pond. The town Open Space Plan recommends protection of this block. There have been as many as 10 nests counted at the rookery in the past, however the numbers are dwindling. Visitors are asked to come after June, when the young chicks are less vulnerable to the intrusion. From the shore, one can watch young Great Blue Herons sit patiently on their treetop nests, waiting for parents to come and feed them. It's a sight worth waiting to see, and a natural treasure worth protecting.

Deerfield Road Town ForestDeerfield Road Town Forest

(Map #1 of Deerfield Road Town Forest)

(Map #2 of Deerfield Road Town Forest)

Thanks to the generosity of the townspeople of Candia at the 2005 Town Meeting, Candia was able to purchase the Deerfield Road Town Forest—82 acres on Deerfield Road. It is a key parcel in the important wildlife corridor linking Bear Brook and Pawtuckaway State Parks. There are two hiking trails on the property and a map is available above for viewing and printing. Thanks to Jim Lindsey for creating the map.

New Boston Road Conservation Land ParcelsNew Boston Road Conservation Land Parcels

(Map: New Boston Road Land)

The Conservation Land Parcels are located on New Boston Road. There are walking trails throughout the area, which is primarily a conifer stand with some mixed hardwoods. The boy scouts have identified many of the different species of trees.

Flint Road Town Forest Flint Road Town Forest

(Map of Flint Road Town Forest)

The Flint Road Town Forest is a 66 acre tract located on Flint Road. A trail on the property is named after a local doctor, Hermann Sander, who donated the land to the town. Some of the trails leading through it were developed by Candia Eagle Scouts. This parcel sits on the edge of one of the few remaining large unfragmented blocks in Candia, which the town Open Space Plan recommends for protection. The block also contains Kinnicum Pond and a heron rookery. The Conservation Commission has developed a management plan for the town forest, which will be used as an exemplary model for local landowners/loggers.