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Join us for a nature walk at the Deerfield Road Town Forest

Saturday, October 9 at 10 am

Deerfield Road Town Forest Kiosk

Come and join us on a guided community nature walk on the Deerfield Road Town Forest! Check out the newly painted trail signs and updated kiosk. Learn where the trails are without worrying about getting lost.

The Deerfield Road Town Forest is located on Deerfield Road (Rt 43), on the left just past New Boston Road going towards Deerfield.

"Critter Crossing" signs

Please store your signs for winter, after Oct 1

Judi Lindsey with one of the Candia Conservation Commission critter crossing signs

An important reminder to all the townspeople who have one of the Critter Crossing signs, please take down your critter crossing signs just after October 1. Turtles were still crossing - and getting squished - last week. So they are still on the move.

The Colotti family holding their Candia Conservation Commission critter crossing signsThe purpose of these Critter Crossing signs is to alert drivers to areas where turtles frequently cross and often get hit on the road. These signs will hopefully give drivers time to react and be watchful - thus possibly avoiding a casualty.

Some turtles do not reach breeding age until 12-15 years old. Their eggs are often dug up by predators. Thus, their populations do not rebound like squirrels, deer and many other animals. Therefore, it is highly important to protect each individual.

Other critters such as amphibians - frogs, salamanders, etc. - are at high risk this time of year (spring) as they are also crossing roads to their breeding grounds. Warm, rainy nights are especially busy for them.

Also, if you are assisting any critters across the road, always put them on the side of the road in the direction in which they are headed. Thank you for protecting and guiding our wildlife!

CCC KIDS club helped Mrs. Lindsey paint the Critter Crossing signs

Children in the CCC KIDS club helped Mrs. Lindsey paint the "Critter Crossing" signs that are put along Candia's roads to help protect crossing animals. Residents can contact the Conservation Commission to get one to place on their road.

Find out more about CCC KIDS Club

Winner of CCC Bear Raffle

Congratulations Becky Therien!

At Candia's Old Home on Saturday, August 28, 2021, the winner of the Candia Conservation Commission's wooden carved bear was Becky Therien. Carver, Leon Austin, donated the bear for the raffle. All proceeds go towards helping to send a Candia student to Barry Conservation Camp, a week-long nature camp in Berlin, NH. Find out more about the Debra Bell Levesque Scholarship to Barry Conservation Camp.

L to R: Top - Todd, Becky and Paige Therien, Bottom - Parker, Piper

L to R: Top - Todd, Becky and Paige Therien, Bottom - Parker, Piper

BioBlitz & Town Forest Update!

Get outside and explore this September for the 2021 NH BioBlitz

The Candia Conservation Commission is encouraging residents to participate in the NH BioBlitz sponsored by the UNH Extension during the month of September.  All data collected on town-own lands will be shared with the Town.

BioBlitz Thumbnail 1BioBlitz Thumbnail 2Town Forest Update! Participants in the September 11 BioBlitz on the Deerfield Road Town Forest used the app iNaturalist to document plants and animals. The trails have been cleared of overhanging branches. The metal markers on the 3 different trails have been freshly painted - red, blue and yellow - so you will find it easy to navigate them. A color-coded map has been added to the kiosk. Enjoy! View all our photos from our BioBlitz event.

Get outside and explore this September for the 2021 NH BioBlitz! A BioBlitz is a species scavenger hunt where volunteers help find and record data on as many different wild living things as possible in a certain area and a short amount of time. During the month of September 2021, we need your help finding and documenting species (plants, animals, insects, fungi) found on town-owned lands all over New Hampshire using iNaturalist. This is a statewide event and you can participate locally on town-owned lands right here in Candia. You don't need to be an expert to participate - iNaturalist can help you identify the species of plants, insects, fungi, and wildlife that you find! You'll learn more about the world around you and will help your town learn more about the natural resources in your community.

NH Bioblitz link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u80YKzW5RwE

What to do if you encounter young wildlife

How to keep wildlife wild

Read this article on the NH Fish and Game website: New Hampshire Fish and Game: Help Keep Wildlife Wild — Leave Young Animals Alone.

Did you know? The CCC has several helpful links to conservation organizations and news.

Candia Conservation Calendar

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our 2022 calendar.

CCC Calendar 2021

This year's edition will be spectacular, and we thank all the photographers who submitted their photos to us.

The 2022 Candia Conservation Calendar will be available soon. All proceeds go to the Debra Bell Levesque Scholarship Fund and provide for a Candia student to attend one week at Barry Conservation Camp in Berlin, NH.

Find out more about the Debra Bell Levesque Scholarship.

Check out our Photo Gallery to view calendar photos from previous years.

Barry Camp Scholarship winner

Congratulations Leah Gonthier!

Barry Conservation Camp Winner 2021 - Leah Gonthier Barry Conservation Camp Winner 2021 - Leah Gonthier

The Candia Conservation Commission awarded its 7th annual Barry Conservation Camp scholarship to eighth-grade student, Leah Gonthier.

Leah will attend the 2021 Conservation Camp 4-H Junior Conservation Officer Camp in August. In addition to traditional camp activities, topics will include search and rescue, crime scene investigation, firearms safety, tracking, surveillance, night vision technology, wildlife laws, arrest procedures, K-9 techniques, and much, much more. Congratulations Leah!

Find out more about our scholarship

2020/2021 Newsletter Available

A publication of the CCC listing our ongoing and upcoming projects

CCC Newsletter

Our Fall 2020/Winter 2021 Newsletter is available now. Topics this year include information about our Barry Conservation Camp scholarship, carved bear raffle, Eagle Scout project, CCC Kids Club and information on joining the CCC.